This project is to create a digital product to solve a problem. Many people in today's technologically advanced world feel compelled to simplify their lives and reconnect with nature. It is important to get some fresh air in order to reap the health benefits of outdoor recreation.   ​​​​​​​
Many children have no concept of flowers or existence. Many of us are surrounded by beautiful nature, but we spend the majority of our time indoors playing video games or watching television. Children and adults alike may lack knowledge of the natural world, including the names of flowers, how plants grow, and anatomy. The solution is to develop a product that contains massive quantities of plant data. The app also functions as a social media platform, allowing you to share your discoveries with the rest of the world. What did you find and where did you find it? We can then use those databases to continue working on deeper education, such as the plant growth cycle, how plants are pollinated, and plant anatomy.
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