Family Fortunes Cookbook
The goal of the project is to design a conceptual cookbook around a chosen topic. Taiwan is a foodie's heaven.Although Taiwan is known for its street food, I chose to focus on foods that are related
to Taiwanese festivals. Each festival has its own foods and interpretations, and I thought it would be fascinating for foreigners to learn more about Taiwanese culture. People nowadays tend
to be unconcerned with these customs, which is tragic because we, Taiwanese people, are losing our own culture. Each festival also has a lovely tale and importance.
The theme of my cookbook is about family fortunes. The main thing I wanted to convey was that improving a family's quality of life necessitates family action. You will feel at home and enjoy the pleasure of being together with family in everyday companionship. You can feel the warmth as people come together.
The past is no longer important. Instead of merely asking people to think about the past, why don't I turn the past into something that people would accept? By merging antique Taiwanese colors and designs
with a sleek style, history would be preserved rather than erased.
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